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  • Metal Alloy Analysis & Grade ID

    Metal Alloy Analysis & Grade ID

    Positive alloy grade identification and accurate alloy composition analysis in seconds

    • Exceptionally fast and easy to use
    • Ideal for scrap sorting, material verification, and PMI programs
    • Selectable grade libraries (UNS, DIN, etc.) plus unlimited user-defined libraries
  • Mining & Exploration

    Mining & Exploration

    Fast, accurate analysis tools for all aspects of mining

    • Exploration
      • Mine mapping - store GPS coordinates with measurement data
      • Test drill cores in real-time for depth profiling of deposits
    • Process Control
      • Test concentrates at critical points for process optimization
    • Reclamation and restoration
      • Test tailings and runoff to assist in reclamation and remediation
  • Art Conservation & Authentication

    Art Conservation & Authentication

    Evaluate objects and pigments for dating and authentication purposes, and to better understand previous conservation efforts.

    • Determine authenticity
    • Understand fabrication details
    • Identify poisonous materials
    • Find non-original material used in repairs
  • Crop Science Solutions

    Crop Science Solutions

    Portable XRF solutions for rapid, testing and research in food and agriculture

    • Examine fertilizer and treatment effectiveness
    • Assess nutrient uptake in plant tissue
      • P, S, K, Ca / Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn
    • Test soil, plant tissue, water for toxic metals
      • As, Cd, Pb, Hg, U
      • Profile phytoremediation effectiveness

Whatever Your Application, We Have The Perfect XRF Analyzer Solution to Fit Your Analysis Needs and Budget

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Bruker S1 Titan Series
Rugged handheld XRF analyzer designed for industrial use.
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Bruker CTX™ CounterTop XRF Analyzer
A high performance countertop XRF analyzer in a small, lightweight, and portable package
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Bruker Tracer 5 Series
Advanced handheld XRF & analysis tools designed for cutting-edge research

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